Town Council

Place 1 – Brandon 'Dill' Dillard: Email

Place 2 – Alton Hill – Mayor Pro-Tem: Email

Place 3 – Charlie Gover: Email

Place 4 – Jimmie Walker: Email

Place 5 – David Carroll –



Police, Fire: Alton Hill

Utility, Streets: Jimmie Walker

Finance, Sanitation: David Carroll

Park & Recreation, Parks: Brandon Dillard

Cemetery, Library: Charlie Gover

The Town of Falkville is governed by the mayor and a five-person town council. Council members are elected to represent the town as a whole rather than separate districts. The mayor and council hold public meetings on the 1st Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the municipal building. 

Contact the Town Clerk if you have an issue to be considered for the work session agenda.