Office of the Mayor, Ken Winkles

Mayor Ken Winkles

The Mayor serves part - time as the Executive Officer of the Town of Falkville and is responsible for the management of Town operations, and personnel. The Mayor is elected every four years that runs concurrent with the terms of the Town Council members. The Mayor is the most visible of the Town's elected officials. Some of the Mayor's duties include:

  • Enforcing laws and ordinances
  • Exercising administrative supervision over all departments
  • Preparing and submitting annual budgets to the Town Council
  • Communicating with the Town Council on financial conditions and needs
  • Recommending actions to the Town Council
  • Hiring new employees and terminating employment
  • Negotiating all contracts for the Town of Falkville
  • Presenting Proclamations and other awards
  • Cutting ribbons and breaking ground for new businesses

About Ken Winkles

Mayor Ken Winkles was born and raised in Falkville, Alabama. He is a proud graduate of Falkville High School. His father, Bob, being very civic minded, served in many capacities in the Town of Falkville including Mayor from 1988-1992. His mother, Nina, also set the example of giving back to your community and serves publicly. She is currently on the Town Cemetery Board and Falkville Community Pride.

The heritage of pride and serving publicly for his town was passed onto Ken, and he has responded in kind. He has given eight years as a Councilman for the Town of Falkville and been involved in school and Town functions many years. This is his second term as Mayor. Mayor Winkles' heart is invested in seeing the Town prosper and grow. He envisions a clean place to live and work, while instilling values of work ethic to all personnel.

Ken is happily married to Jo Ann Mullins Winkles. He is the proud father of two sons, Chad (Diana) and Chase Winkles (Brittney), and the grandfather of Molly, Callie, and Memphis.