Business License

A business license is required for anyone conducting any type of business, trade, profession and any other activity whether selling, repairing or providing a service inside the town limits of Falkville. The fee for the business license is determined by the gross annual receipts from the previous year. For out of town businesses, this is the gross annual receipts collected for the Town of Falkville only. New businesses with no previous years' gross receipts will estimate for the current year. 

Business licenses expire December 31 of each year (licenses are renewed during the month of January without penalty). After January 31, a 15% late penalty applies to all licenses that are delinquent by 30 days, (except out of town contractors/sub-contractors who must purchase a license before beginning work). Licenses that are 60 days late or more (from the January 1st due date) must pay an additional 15% late penalty, 30% total. In addition, one percent interest per month that the license is past due shall be added to the amount due and late penalty. Finally, a $12.00 issuance fee is added after all penalties and interest are calculated.

Business licenses are nontransferable. A new owner requires a new license. The license must be posted at the place of business.

Sales Tax is collected through Morgan Countyin Decatur. To set up an account, call 256-351-4618 or apply online at

Call Avenue Insights & Analytics to help determine rates due, which are determined by the type of business conducted as well as gross receipts.

Business License Application

Business License Ordinance #2007-10

Resolution 2022-09.pdf 

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